Monday , 16 October 2017
Surprising Food Favourites for your Dog

Surprising Food Favourites for your Dog

Surprising Food Favourites for your Dog

One of the common questions vets and people that deal with animals are asked on a regular basis is whether food ‘x’ is okay for the dog to eat or not.

Luckily for dogs and also for us, ailment most canines are able to eat the foods we do and even some of the ones we wouldn’t expect. Here are some foods that their fines for dogs to eat that are perfectly safe and healthy.

Peanut Butter

Dogs can eat peanut butter, though it may seem surprising to a lot of people there is no real issue with eating this food. Some people may thing that it’s unsafe, however natural peanut butter is perfectly fine for a dog to eat. Just be aware of the high fat intake and the high sugar content of some sweetened version – a little goes a long way, but it’s perfectly safe for a dog to eat it.


Dogs actually love pears, and they are both healthy and nutritious for dogs. The only concern with eating a pear is that you cut it up and remove the seeds. If you don’t do this your dog could get ill and you’ll need to utilise the pet insurance. Once this is done the dog is perfectly safe to eat it and there should be no problems.


As is the case for humans, dogs eating popcorn is a perfectly safe thing to do and this food tastes great and is also healthy once it’s not loaded with sugar and butter. Once there is lots of butter and sugar added then it’s transformed into an unhealthy food. So, the next time your dog wants some plain popcorn when you’re watching a film, give your dog some popcorn – just cut out the butter and sugar.


Yes, the pretzel is also a great food for dogs and they also tend to love them. However, just as is the case for the popcorn, try and choose versions with very little salt as this is always going to be a bit healthier than the alternative.


A classic snack for cats, tuna is a favourite for the felines in your life. However, though there are stereotypes around it, it’s not a cat only food. Dogs can eat tuna also and it’s healthy and full of protein and oils too. It’s certainly one to include in your pooch’s diet.

These are just of the great foods that dogs can eat that you may not have known are perfectly okay for them.

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