Wednesday , 22 November 2017
Japan, please do the right thing.

Japan, please do the right thing.

In the last 5 years Japan has dumped millions of gallons of toxic waste into the oceans. This is horrible but obviously not on purpose, still I don’t see them doing anything to make it right. I know we have dumped oil several times a=but truthfully nothing has compared to this. And the people here do not agree with the oil companies, they just pay off the politicians to be able to keep doing it.

With that said it’s shocking how Japan can still allow one of the worst acts of Animal Abuse in the world over and over. I feel like they want the world to hate them.

They slaughter whales all over the world and the Dolphin Cove annual slaughter is beyond the lowest scum on the planet. This is all besides the effects of the millions of tons of toxic waste it contaminated into the ocean. Millions of Sea Mammals will have no choice but to live in Japan’s toxic waste now.

Japan, the world is watching you and as of 2014 we are disgusted by your way of life. We will not buy your products or visit your country.

You need to start showing that you have a soul and care about the needs of the rest of the world.

We do not agree with your Dolphin Slaughtering and We do not agree with Whale hunting. These are mammals of the sea and have a right to a good life just like you are I. They where here before we even existed.

If you must slaughter helpless animals than hunt on your country’s dirt and for gods sake do it with respect.

But for now, you are banned.

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