Friday , 15 December 2017

It’s time for Pit Bulls

I know, your scared of Pit Bulls, at least a little and maybe you should be. The media has never glorified the horror of an animal as much as they do with Pit Bulls. Almost 80% of all animal stories are Pit Bull related. The media love it, they love to point out every mistake and mishap any Pit Bull has or will ever make. They don’t care, of course not their job is to get viewers and how do you get viewers? The same way they always make people feel.. like they have to watch, which means to scare them!

Luckily modern day intellect has helped the average person understand the facts about the situation apposed to whatever the media tells them to think. For example, Pit Bulls have less violent per the capita that more unthought full owners have them. Pit Bulls do tend to get bought by low IQ thug types that do not give them the love and discipline they need.

So in turn they have violent emotions that they have no idea how to control. It makes perfect sense really.

Bottom line: Pit Bulls are not worse than any other dog like it. They just tend to have worse owners! If you really want to help Pit Bulls then start with the people who really are responsible, the ones that did not take good care of them

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