Friday , 15 December 2017

Dog sharing = caring


The 600 plus people now using now can swap dogs with others for a small amount of time. Another interesting thing this growing new website has is the chance to try out a dog type for a while before you go and get a new one. With over 70 million stray cats and dogs living in the U.S. we are happy to see anything that might detour people from not taking a life long commitment to their pets.


‘No-Kill December’ marked a milestone for L.A. animal shelters. Cynics call it a hollow victory; others see a path to rescuing all would-be pets from euthanasia.


We are all moving forward but there still millions of people a day letting their pet go and it’s costing the US hundreds of millions and worse it’s the lives of innocent animals.

December capped a year in which fewer dogs and cats were impounded and more were adopted out, she said. That gave shelters space to keep animals longer — and saved the lives of almost 4,000 that might have been euthanized last year.

A coalition of animal welfare and rescue groups helped make that happen. Led by Best Friends Animal Society, which brought together volunteers and shelter officials, the group has mounted an effort to end euthanasia in Los Angeles in five years.

That seems impossible in a city that puts to death more than 50,000 would-be pets yearly. The numbers make it easy for cynics like me to consider last month’s no-kill campaign little more than a feel-good gesture aiming at putting a happy face on a very ugly situation.

Also Dog Collars are a great way to help keep your dog in contact if they get lost. Don’t forget to have your dog tags up to date with a phone number.

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