Friday , 15 December 2017

Hunting Integrity

First of all we believe hunting is simply not needed anymore. The food chain for humans has evolved past that now. We can get more healthy and better tasting food without it being from killing an animal. In fact more people die, click get fat, and sick, from bad animal meat then any protein based vegetarian and synthetic mix. Both protein based meals synthetic or veggie based have better protein, less fat, less cholesterol, more iron, more minerals, and more vitamins. In fact eating meat (mostly red) is in the top ten things responsible for diseases and obesity( something the US claims #1 in the world for). So if you want to be weak, fat, and die soon have a field day and munch down. We just ask that you have a little respect for your hunt.


  1. Integrity might also be in making sure your slogans are grammatically correct. Unsuspected should be unsuspecting.

    And respect and integrity don’t “come from” eating your kill and fairness in a battle. Those things illustrate respect and integrity.

    And people hunt for reasons beyond a “sick taste in decorating”. In fact, most hunters don’t mount their kill.

  2. First, your education is probably from this country alone, maybe in a small isolated town. Mine is from 6 countries and thousands of wise people, most have never heard of your grammer. I word things so they can be understood and related, not follow some rule made 80 years ago by a book worm.

    Bickering over grammar simple means your missing the whole point. You do not need to hunt for any reason, you do it because you think it’s fun or maybe to help you feel like a man. So your killing a loving animal and separating their family just for entertainment or your own ego.

    Just because we have technology and are smarter doesn’t mean it’s right to kill something. If you have to do it to feel like a man then at least give them a decent chance. Using any gun is just slaughter unless your just really bad with a gun.

    If you really want a challenge then play laser tag, you will probably get dominated by 8 year old’s that actually have a talent with their weapon. I know I did when I tried it.

    But sneaking up on an animal with a gun is pathetic, its a disgrace to our ability as humans and the respect for the animal.

    I know plenty of people that hunt and we are still friends, I can’t change them. But non of them are ignorant enough to think hunting is dignified lol, they just don’t care what people think and have no respect for animals.

    All we try to do is get people to use their brain, of course that in the end will be your choice.

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