Wednesday , 8 November 2017

Vicktory Dogs

Thank for the letter Helen, still to this day I do not forgive Michael Vick. Even worse I can’t believe Sony gave him a contract. This means Sony knows that society is becoming more desensitized from violence and supporting a degenerate appeals to the other degenerates that waste their money on cheesy shoe promos. Michael Vick is a Sad person and Nike is a  Sad company.


Called the “Vicktory Dogs” by many, the 47 pit bulls who survived
Michael Vick’s cruelty have struck a chord with the nation. Not only
did they live through the worst kind of abuse and neglect, they each
have great individual stories and have gone on to lead extraordinary
lives. Some are now certified therapy workers and many are adored
family members, proving that pit bulls, just like any other dog, just
want to be man’s best friend.

In THE LOST DOGS: Michael Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and
Redemption (Gotham Books: Paperback, September 6 2011; $16.00) Jim
Gorant tells their inspirational story of survival and presents the
entire account —from the frustrations of the investigation to the
individual rehabilitation of the dogs themselves, to a new afterword
updating us on the happy lives they now have. THE LOST DOGS shows the
world that it’s time to forget what we think we know about pit bulls
and open our eyes and our arms to these loving and loyal pets.

With a new afterword highlighting where the dogs are now and the
impact they’ve had on the lives of others – canine and human –
THE LOST DOGS gives a voice to those who can not speak for themselves.
If you’d like to share their uplifting stories with your readers, I
would be more than happy to send you a review copy and discuss
opportunities for features and giveaways.

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  1. What a great article, thanks for making me feel good.

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