Awesome Brown Bear Pillow


We just found this super cool brown bear pillow, it’s 16×16 (plenty big) and made with wrinkle free Polyester. My favorite part (well beside the awesome bear on the pillow) is it’s made in the US of A. Pretty cool! Another really cool thing about the pillow is that is was made from a guy who saw […]

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Nepal has festival to celebrate dogs


In Nepal, they’re having the Tihar festival festival that honors dogs for their special friendship with humans. A world if difference from China where they are having a massive festival for eating dog meat. Nepal and China have been polar opposites for some time ever since China starting killing innocent Buddhists in Tibet for sticking to […]

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Eco dogs and cats


With the trends of organic food and healthier eating sweeping the world it was only a short amount of time before pet owners would realize the food and products they where using was not healthy for their pets. Not healthy pet companies like have come to the front of pet owners attention. This site not only […]

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Manage your animals


Do you need to manage your animals? Now there is a easy to use and very smart service from to keep track of all your animals. This website is incredibly easy to sue and a great price for all the features it has. It’s so smart you can use the program with no real computer […]

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Choosing a Hutch for your Rabbit


Choosing the correct hutch for your rabbit is paramount to ensuring their long term-health and happiness is maintained. Often Rabbits are kept in hutches that are too small for them, or are given the wrong sort of bedding. One third of abuse calls to the RSPCA regarding rabbits were directly linked to the size of […]

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